The production of flexible containers for bulk cargoes


Exact calculations and high-quality production of soft containers

The whole release cycle of soft containers at our plant is controlled on all the sites, each party passes laboratory tests on the special equipment. We manufacture soft containers of the polypropylene of exclusively high quality, thanks to which our production is notable for its reliability and durability. The soft containers produced in Riaplast are designed for various volumes and can contain up to 1,5 tons of freight.

Using the production of our company you will be able to transport large volumes of loose materials with comfort and be confident in the quality of the container.

The Riaplast company strives for perfection when it comes not only to production but also service. Our qualified consultants will always answer any of your questions and help you to make the right choice

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Our managers will help you to choose the necessary type of the container, tell you about the advantages of using big bags while delivering multiton freights, and help you to make the right choice. We are open for cooperation with wholesale buyers and always glad to work with them.

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